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Sacred Balm for meditation


Sacred Balm for meditation


Contains gold leaf, sandalwood, jasmine and more...

These exquisite, spiritual balms were created by Brother Dhammakamo, who I had the good fortune to meet at a meditation retreat in Plum Village monastery in the summer of 2017.

He gave us a balm as a gift whilst I was pregnant with my daughter Rose, and we found the balms to be incredibly powerful, with this incredible smell, bringing a deep sense of peace and healing. The following is his description of the process of making these balms:

Brother Dhammokamo enters into a state of total meditative concentration throughout the night whilst chanting sacred Buddhist blessings when he makes these balms. He prepares them over 5 consecutive full moons. Beside full moon-days, the balms are blessed and consecrated with samadhi-charged loving-kindness every night over the entire span of 3 months. These were all done atop a hill in Thailand when Dhammakamo was still practicing as a forest monk. He was tasked in making these balm for 3 of his gurus strictly by using ancient methods and sacred mantras handed down from brahmins and tantric monks. This long tedious process was paramount, as the balm was to be used by his gurus to perform ritual blessings, and would also be mixed into other powders to make amulets.

This sacred ancient alchemy is only available within the contemplative tradition and passed down over generations from master to disciple. Whereby a small vial of the master's balm would also be handled down to be mixed into the new batch.

Initially, the balms were not available to the public as they were for Dhammakamo and his masters to use for ritual blessings, tantric empowerment, healing, and consecration . During that time, Dhammakamo was travelling around as a monk. He would fill the balms into small jars and give them as gifts to his students that provided lodging and food to him.

It was only recently that Dhammakamo decided to release them to the public so everyone can benefit from their deeply sacred, healing properties.

The balms are made with 100% natural products. The recipe is a secret but Dhammakamo has agreed to reveal some of the ingredients:

Sandalwood oil
Agarwood oil
Jasmine oil
1008 pieces of pure gold leaf
Other natural oils extracted from various flowers and plants

I like to use on my wrist or 3rd eye.

The gold symbol on top of lid is the OM sign in ancient oriental scripture, hand written by Brother Dhammakoma.

Pots measure about 3 x 3cm.