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Large Tumbles Preseli Bluestone, Wales


Large Tumbles Preseli Bluestone, Wales


Measures about 2 to 2.5cm

Origin: Wales

These are very nice quality. 

Preseli Bluestone (also known as Preselite ) is a Metamorphic Igneous rock that forms in masses. This stone contains minerals such as Feldspar and has blue, black, green, grey and white tones often with small deposits of silvery Haematite or orangey Cuprite.

Presseli Bluestone is known for its deep connection with Stonehenge and has taken a central role there for many centuries. Presseli Bluestone is found in Mynydd Presseli in SW Wales, where the land was once used as old ceremonial sites and tombs. It is thought at some point this stone, was transported from Wales to Salisbury Plain through a deep desire and calling to move ancient spirits from one place to another. Holding Stonehenge with great honour, it was thought to be the main spiritual grounds and a place where all spirits meet to rest in harmony.

This wonderful crystal has a deeply grounding and peaceful energy that helps to bring quiet and stillness to our mind and body. It helps us to slow down and take time to listen and open up to others. Bluestone caries a strong shamanic quality, helping to bring guidance by tapping into our ancestor's history, messages & stories. The white colour seen speckled throughout Bluestone brings a clarifying quality, helping to open channels of awareness.

Sold individually.

Comes in a small canvas bag with crystal card.