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Premium Green Apophyllite & Heulandite


Premium Green Apophyllite & Heulandite


Measures about 7cm 

Origin: India

A very special & beautiful premium grade Green Apophyllite with vibrant green crystals on a bed of Pink Heulandite.

Apophyllite is a high vibration crystal known for its cleansing and clearing properties. It helps to clear all levels of the auric field. Green Apophyllite works well with the heart chakra. It can be used with all the chakras, although should be mindful when using it for the 3rd eye chakra due to its high vibration.

Heulandite, like Stilbite belongs to the Zeolite family. It can help bring clarity to our thought process. It has a very clear and pure energy that can bring inner and outer stillness. A wonderful crystal to use in meditation and for spiritual healing, helping to bring a pure and clear channel to our highest divine and guides. 

Stands upright.