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Pink Amethyst Point


Pink Amethyst Point


Measurements: about 5 x 3.5cm

Weight: 78g

Origin: Brazil

A beautiful Pink Amethyst point with earthy pastel pink, lilac and rose tones. Druzy crystals can be found in precious little openings. 

Amethyst is known as a master healing stone. A profound energy, that brings inner-stillness and protection. A wonderful crystal to use in dream work, meditation and spiritual work. The added pink vibration of Pink Amethyst brings a nurturing and loving energy. There is a primal feminine quality to Pink Amethyst and a strong connection to all things motherly, especially mother earth. A wonderful crystal to connect us to the womb, helping to sooth energies here by letting go of inflamed and unwanted energy. 

Images show front and back.

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