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Special Yellow Fluorite


Special Yellow Fluorite


Measures about 3.5 x 3cm

Origin: India

A very special Botryoidal Fluorite on a bed of Clear Fluorite.

Fluorite is a wonderful stone to help boost creativity. The perfect crystal to keep close if starting on new projects, helping us to boost our inspiration on a higher level and helping us to channel new ideas. Fluorite is spiritually grounding, which is so important in todays busy world.  A wonderful crystal to help us to re-connect to nature and beauty.

Yellow Fluorite has an uplifting property. It works beautifully with the solar plexus, helping to boost creativity and joy. Yellow Fluorite has a warming effect, it brings sunshine energy to darker days. It stimulates inspiration when we are having creative blockages.

Images show different angles. The base of this piece is very interring and unique.