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Large Smokey Quartz (Double Terminated)


Large Smokey Quartz (Double Terminated)


Measures 10 x 6cm

Origin: Brazil


Premium grade.

A stunning, natural Smokey Quartz cluster with one main double terminated point.  This piece has formed naturally in the earth therefore there is a raw-ness to it. Amazing clarity. Collectors piece.

Smokey Quartz belongs to the Quartz family. It has a natural browny/golden/tan colour that comes from being exposed to radiation that happens in the earth as the crystal is forming.

Energetically, Smokey Quartz is a wonderful grounding stone, helping us to strengthen our roots firmly into Mother Earth. It protects against and transmutes any negative/heavy/unwanted energy. Smokey Quartz is a wonderful and powerful crystal to have in the hoe, helping to clear and bring compete protection to your space.

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