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Citrine Vogel


Citrine Vogel


Measures about 4cm long.

Origin: Brazil 

A truly beautiful Smokey Citrine Vogel with wonderful transparency. 

Vogal crystals are specifically designed and cut by the scientist Marcel Vogel.

"...When its cut to paper form and when the human mind enters into the relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which expands and amplifies the power of the users mind."

Citrine is part of the Quartz family and is named after the French word for lemon (’citron’). Because of its iron inclusion and other geological effects, it reflects the colour yellow, ranging from soft yellows to brown. Citrine is like the sun, shining its illuminating rays through the grey skies down onto the earth, helping to uplift and energise everything that is touched by its light. This stone is also wonderful to manifest abundance and prosperity. As Naisha Ashian says from the Book of Stones: “By resonating with Citrine, we are reminded that we are loved and supported by the universe in our efforts towards manifestation. When one chooses the path of love and joy, opening to the power of divine will, Citrine supports us in bringing forth what is truly beautiful.”