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Small Strawberry Quartz Point


Small Strawberry Quartz Point


Pieces measure about 2cm

Origin: Brazil

Small raw points with delicate pink tones. Due to the natural rawness of these points, they are beautifully imperfect in places.

Strawberry Quartz is the name given to a variety of pink Quartz that contains inclusions of red Iron Oxides. This includes Lepidocrocite, Goethite, Limonite  and Hematite.The pink tones vary from pastel pink, strawberry pink to cherry pink. It is not that commonly found compared to its sister Quartz, Rose Quartz.

Strawberry Quartz has a heart-centering and energising quality. It can be used with all the chakras but works really well the Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra. It stimulates these energy points. It helps to open our heart and encourages us to feel more vibrant, welcoming fresh new energies of love and kindness. Strawberry Quartz helps to release tension we hold or feel in the body, particularly around the heart or tummy area. It pin points this tension and infuses it with a loving and joyful energy. 

Strawberry Quartz is a wonderful stone to use during your period. There is deep feeling of 'I've got you' which helps us to feel supported and held. It brings deep feeling of love and compassion for ourselves and our bodies during this time. 

Sold individually and comes in small gift bag.