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Pyrite & Calcite Cluster


Pyrite & Calcite Cluster


Measures about 9cm

Origin: Kosovo 

Part of an old collectors crystal collection. 

Pyrite, known as Fools Gold is a stone to promote good health and prosperity. It works very well with the Solar plexus, helping to stimulate life force and creativity. Pyrite has a grounding quality and helps us connect more deeply with the energies of the earth. Keep a chunk of Pyrite in your Sacred Space to boost creativity, energy and manifestation.

Milky Calcite brings a gentle clearing energy.

Sphalerite is a mineral and ore of zinc. The darker form of Sphalerite is due to a higher contact on Iron. Sphalerite has a strong grounding quality. It is good for people who a suffering side effects of being ungrounded, such as difficulty focusing & feeling dizzy.