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Pink Lithium Quartz Point


Pink Lithium Quartz Point


Measures about 5cm

Origin: Brazil 

A beautiful natural Lithium Quartz point with clear and pink tones. 

Lithium is a wonderful crystal to help ease any stress, particularly good for anyone suffering anxiety. It is similar to that of Lepidolite, helping to calm the mind and relax the body. Works really well for both adults and children to use at the end of the day, to help unwind and prepare for a good nights sleep.

To tap into a deeper relaxing and calming energy I love to team it up with Lepidolite on my night stand to help support me while I sleep. 

There is a warming heart centered energy felt when you work with Lithium Quartz. Helping you to open your heart and surrender that everything that is unfolding in perfect flow and harmony.