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Pink Amethyst & Rose Gold Stand


Pink Amethyst & Rose Gold Stand


Crystal measures about 7 x 7cm

With stand: 13cm tall

Origin: Brazil

A stunning pastel pink very sparkly cluster. Comes with rose gold stand.

A beautiful earthy Pink Amethyst point that is part raw/part polished. Small crystal caves full of sparkly crystals with tones of pale pink, lilac and green. There is an overall earthy raw rugged quality to this piece.

Amethyst is known as a master healing stone. A profound energy, that brings inner-stillness and protection. A wonderful crystal to use in dream work, meditation and spiritual work. The added pink vibration of Pink Amethyst brings a nurturing and loving energy. There is a primal feminine quality to Pink Amethyst and a strong connection to all things motherly, especially mother earth. A wonderful crystal to connect us to the womb, helping to sooth energies here by letting go of inflamed and unwanted energy. 

Images show different angles.