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Pastel Lilac Jade Pendent


Pastel Lilac Jade Pendent


Pendant measures about 2.5cm

Limited edition. 

Gold plated chain measures about 50cm. 

This is Burmese Jade and is part of a collection belonging to an old crystal collector. 

A stunning polished lilac Jade pendant which hangs beautifully on a gold plated chain.  

Green Jade is all about heart healing and joy. The green colour vibration radiates a sweet heart chakra energy. It brings harmony and balance within our day and during sleep. Jade can help let go of our scarcity mind by bringing good luck and abundance, but more importantly bringing a deeper sense of gratitude.

Purple Jade works very well with the crown and third eye chakra, helping to open and clear these areas. It can help us to stay focused on our spiritual path & connect us more deeply with our spiritual guides, making this crystal a wonderful tool for healers to use when they are performing their healing work.