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Pink Lemurian Point


Pink Lemurian Point


Measures about 8 x 3cm

Origin: Brazil

A stunning and raw pink and peach Lemurian. The perfect size point to hold comfortably in the hand.

Lemurian crystals have horizontal striations or grooves on one or more side. 

These ladder like grooves, are thought to be tuned with the Lemurian consciousness wisdom. I love how Naisha Ashsian describes these grooves, "Lemurian Crystals act as 'stairway to Heaven, carrying one up increasingly higher frequencies to bridge the earth plane and the higher astral and spiritual realms."

These amazing crystals are thought to help us receive the information/messages left behind by the ancient civilisation of Lemuria.

During the ancient time of Lumuria, it was believed to be full of gentle and spiritual people, who worked extensively with crystals.

Pink Lemurians contain inclusions that create a pinky tone. The pink vibration brings the added energies of love, compassion and connect us to deeper levels of the heart through Lemuria wisdom.

A great tool to assist during meditation and receive guidance.

Gently rub fingers over the grooves to help connect to the Divine and tap into the ancient wisdom.

Judy Hall calls Lemurian Seed Crystals "Tools of the Lightworker."