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Midnight Chalcedony & Pink Stilbite


Midnight Chalcedony & Pink Stilbite


Measures about 12 x 12cm

Origin: India 

A special piece with sparkly midnight blue/grey Chalcedony & Pink Stilbite. It looks like a piece of magical underwater beauty.

Apophyllite is a high vibration crystal known for its cleansing and clearing properties. It helps to clear all levels of the auric field. It can be used with all the chakras, although should be mindful when using it for the 3rd eye chakra due to its high vibration.

Stilbite radiates a very peaceful energy. It helps to soften away the veils that cover our hearts. A wonderful crystal for people who suffer anxiety.

Chalcedony belongs to the Quartz family and can be found through out the world. Chalcedony comes in variety of colours, more commonly in blue and purple. This particular collection is especially beautiful because of its unique tones and stalactite formations. This crystal helps to bring beauty and balance back into your life. Take time, to cast your eyes and look deeper into this crystal, you can see it holds its own magical universe. The deep violet/grey ray of Chalcedony brings a wonderful psychic protection and can be a great support to those that feel overwhelmed by unhelpful or negative information.