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Green Apophyllite & Scolecite


Green Apophyllite & Scolecite


Measures about 8 x 7cm

Origin: India

A stunning pastel Green Apophyllite crystal and raw Scolecite with needle like crystals.

Apophyllite is a high vibration crystal known for its cleansing properties. It helps to clear all levels of the auric field. Green Apophyllite connects us more deeply with the energies of the natural world. It fine tunes our communication with nature spirits and to the healing energies of Mother Earth. Working with this crystal will help clear, bring vitality, boost life force & sweeten our connection with nature & the devic realm. Apophyllite can be used with all the chakras, although should be mindful when using it for the 3rd eye chakra due to its high vibration.

Scolecite brings a peaceful energy. A wonderful crystal to encourage relaxation and  deeper sleep. A wonderful crystal to help calm when we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 

very fragile, please handle with care.