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Pure & Rare Pink Lotus Oil 5ml


Pure & Rare Pink Lotus Oil 5ml


Pink Lotus oil (Nelumbo nucifera)  5 ml

100% pure Pink Lotus.

Premium grade.

Pink Lotus oil works in harmony with the energies of the heart,  love, nurture, compassion and serenity.

The Lotus flower has been connected with spirituality and relaxation since olden times. The Lotus flower  is able to grow and live amongst the muddy water...a symbol of beauty...that shines through the mud and yet still has its delicate roots in the earth.

I love using this oil in my meditations. I do this by simply opening the lid and breathing in the notes from the bottle. I instantly feel more relaxed and find it helps me to breath deeper through out my mediation.

Another way I love to use this oil, is by adding a couple of drops into my bath water (along with a carrier oil). The smell of this Pink Lotus oil is just so heavenly! It has a exotic floral fragrance the speaks direct to my heart, allowing me to feel more peaceful and compassionate. When using this in my bath, I will weave an element of ritual into the process by lighting some candles and adding some flower petals.

Add it to your bath or body lotion or  if using on skin (always with a carrier oil)

Can be used in  aromatherapy diffuser.

Use a small amounts. Lotus oil is highly concentrated and potent so a  little goes a long way!

Some product info...

Pink Lotus (undiluted). Premium quality.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Lotus Oil. Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera. Family: Nelumbonaceae. Made from the: Flowers. Extraction method: Solvent extraction/ Steam distillation (combination). Origin: Sri Lanka . Strength of Aroma: Strong. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from heat and light. Do not take Lotus oil internally. Not suitable to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Oil comes with a small canvas bag with card.

Must be blended with a carrier oil when used on the skin or in the bath.

As mentioned in the Nurturing Ritual and the New Moon Ritual of The Inner Beauty Bible.